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    International Transport provides transportation of cargo both domestic and internationally. 

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    Nepal Parcel Logostics(NPL) is the highly professional, energetic managers at the helms of the affairs. It spread like a wildfire throughout the business community and its services traveled faster and faster throughout other region of Nepal.



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  • Secured Transport

    NPL have worked hard to provide solutions to your secure storage and logistics requirements.

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  • NPL - KTM

    NPL (NEPAL PARCEL LOGISTICS) is a private owned Shipping and Cargo company which is fully approved and license holder under the Company Registered of Nepal. NPL is run by a group of highly experienced, innovative, dynamic and professional people with proper preparations that can meet the expectation of our customer for the air cargo and sea cargo delivery in any destination in world. We are dedicated team offers international freight forwarding service via Air, Land, and Sea. We are providing customized solution to the exporters and importers in transporting their valuable air cargo and container from different destinations of the world. We also take order of different products especially handicrafts, garments from different clients in the world and arrange the exports for them. 

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WAREHOUSING AND STORAGE “Warehousing and storage is an act of storing and assorting the finished goods so as to create maximum time utility at minimum cost”.

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A comprehensive suite of services drawing on our global scale and local insight to deliver value across your entire supply chain,helping you gain a competitive advantage.


International Transport

International Transport provides transportation of cargo both domestic and internationally. We are located in Thamel and have been in business since 2017.




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